Hello All… Welcome.

I believe I am in a pretty unique situation, in that I come from one of the backgrounds that is (almost) the least likely to yield a MBA – Software Engineers. While I do not hold any particular grudges against either software engineers or MBAs, getting both at the same time seems to be an odd combination. But I’m already on the boat now… Nah whatever.

Quitting my full time job as a Senior Software Engineer to pursue full time MBA is definitely a hard decision, especially considering the fact that I still hold great passion in coding and software development even now. As most Software Engineers would, there has been extraordinary amounts of research done before this decision, and the details might come in a different article. But nonetheless, I did have great difficulty in finding ANY related literature from someone with a similar background…

Which is why I am motivated to take a note of what happens after MBA starts, for someone from similar backgrounds, in the future.

While any thoughts regarding any related topics are welcome here, my goal here is definitely not about providing guidance to others as to whether MBA is good or not, or whether you should be doing one yourself. Everyone is different, and I would just like to share and reflect on my experiences… sweet or bitter, good or bad.

My program just started a week ago and as any new MBA student, I am still learning to adjust. Many of my feelings might sound stupid, weird, arrogant, or whatever other words you might think of – but I am trying to stay true to myself, and I do not mean to judge anyone by anything. So if you find anything overly offensive, please let me know and I’ll try to correct them to the best of my abilities – but also, maybe not. This is my own space. 🙂

Anyways, again, welcome.


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